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Mental Health

 Juliet Bodley

White Sheet

Meet Juliet

Mental Health Coach

Mental Health Coaching is near and dear to my heart because I am a 3-time suicide attempt survivor! That would not have happened if I had proper Mental Health. Now I am whole and healing; my Mental Health is better, stronger; and helping others heal and live a life of of happiness, is my ultimate goal. As Paul the Apostle says, "it is as though fire shut up in my bones."!


With a years of successful Coaching Experience, and Coaching Certifications, against a background in Structural Engineering, and Military Training, I have the tools to help you structure your life and step into the greatness for which you were created, no matter what season you are in. My academic qualifications comprise:

  • John Maxwell Certification and License as a Certified Life Coach Teacher, Trainer and Speaker

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Structural Engineering,

  • Master of Science in Engineering Management,

  • Toastmaster competent communicator

I profess Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and I am a mixture of sugar and spice and everything Christ!

Fun fact about me: I create comedic skits!



I specialize in:

Healing from Suicidal Tendencies

Relationship Coaching

Self Reformation and reinvention at any age

Healing from self mutilation and self harm practices

Family and Group Coaching

Protective Face Mask

Healthy emotions begin with speaking your truth in a safe environment, while creating solutions to have a better life. 

I worked with Juliet in 2017. she is amazing and helped me kick start my own coaching business

-Walter Rooks

Juliet's program worked wonders for me when I was going through my break-up

-Robert Tenn

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